The rating of the current accounts for VIP-clients has reviewed the tariffs for the cash and settlement services offered to VIP-clients. Our website's analysts have studied the offers from 20 most popular UK banks, which place rates on their websites.

As of 02 November 2018 the services under review have been offered by 11 banks.  The total number of offers meeting the foregoing terms - 18.

The following values are customary in the market of the cash and settlement services for VIP-clients:

  • the average cost of opening an account - £ 0,00

  • the average cost of monthly servicing - £ 13,80

  • the average interest accrued on the account balance - 0,50 % p.a.

The table below shows the best offers by each bank selected by (in terms of monthly service cost).

The TOP -11 best programs of the cash and settlement services for personal in UK as of 02 November 2018

To view the up-to-date rating of the cash and settlement services for VIP-clients at our website, click here.

Published: 13 November 2018


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