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Bank details: our directory makes it easy to find and check SWIFT (BIC) code, sort code, reference number, LEI, company number, Stock code, MFI ID of UK banks for bank transfer, payment

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How to find bank details to transfer or receive money into a bank account?

You are on the pages of the directory "Bank details in United Kingdom". In this section of the site, we have collected the most important details of all British banks. Using the alphabetical index and clicking on the name of the bank, you will find out the following information about it: bank name, SWIFT (BIC) code, sort code, reference number, LEI, company number, Stock code, MFI ID. These bank details are needed to transfer and receive money. Our guide will help you in checking your banking details.

In addition, there are other cases when you need to know the bank details (pension payment, social or child benefits, etc.). Therefore, we recommend that you search for details of UK banks using the directory.

What details do I need for an international bank transfer?

Our guide will be useful for you, especially when you need to provide bank details if someone is transferring money to you from overseas. It should be noted, that the payers in certain countries may require you to provide IBAN. Bank customers can generate it online via their bank’s internet banking service or by using an IBAN calculator tool. An IBAN consists of a two-letter country code, two check digits and a Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN). A BBAN includes information about the domestic bank and account number.

What is the difference between a SWIFT code and a BIC code? How to find the BIC code of a bank?

A SWIFT code is the same as a BIC code. Thanks to our directory you will find  the BIC code.

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