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Sanders Road, Wellingborough


+44 (019) 3344 00 77



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Since 1770, the Weatherbys name has been synonymous with horse racing and the formation of Weatherbys Bank in 1994 was a logical extension of Weatherbys’ role as the sport’s stakeholders.Over 247 years later, Weatherbys remains at the heart of the sport; administering racing under contract from the governing British Horseracing Authority, registering all thoroughbred horses in Britain and Ireland within The General Stud Book and providing a host of services to racecourses, owners, trainers, breeders and enthusiasts.The success of the Racing Bank and Weatherbys’ longstanding reputation for excellence in customer care laid the foundations for a Private Banking service.Weatherbys Private Bank offers all the services you would associate with a modern day financial institution, yet with the care and attention to detail you might expect of a family business.

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